Saturday, October 29, 2005

DoubleSpeak Words - Part IV:













13.undocumented immigrants





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Thursday, October 20, 2005

DoubleSpeak Words - Part III:

1.Messages = Advertisements

2.VB-IED = Bomb

3.Foundation = A front to propagate the views of the sponsors

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Why,What and Who - Part III

1.Who named the War department as Department of Defense?

2.Who named the Department of Transportation when it should

called the highways department (since it takes care of only


3.Why is capital allowed to move freely between countries

but not people?

4.Why do cell phone companies charge both the caller and
the receiver when a call is made?

5.Why is the price of a bottle of water(1 litre) is more

the price of gas?

6.Why do realtors charge the same 6% commission when the
price of a house goes up and they do the same work when the
price was less?

7.Why do auto makers won't sell directly to customers?

8.What is the difference between a reccession and a depression?

9.Why are marketing firms allowed to lie?

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Why,What and Who - Part II??

1.Who controls the World Bank and IMF?

2.Why do rich countries get richer and poor countries get poorer?

3.Which of the following countries is a democracy - Morocco,
Pakistan,Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Burma,Nepal?

4.What form of government does China have?

5.Why does NATO exist?

6.Why does the Swiss banks accept deposits from dictators/drug kingpins?

7.Why do high speed train service like in Japan,Europe
not exist in North America?

8.What is the difference between campaign contribution and

9.What does "The Tragedy of the Commons" mean?

10.Why does a pound of coffee beans costs less than $2
but a cup of coffee at a coffee shop cost more than $1?

11.Who started the Cold war and why?

12.What were causes of World War I and II?

13.what is the difference between colonialism and occupation?

14.Why did the British empire collapse?

15.What are called "Blood diamonds"?

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

DoubleSpeak Words - Part II:

DoubleSpeak Words - Part II:

1. Private Military Contractor = Mercenary

2. Credibility gap = Lie

3. Bomb attack = Explosion, Blast

4. Restructuring = Laidoff or Dumped

5. Finance Charge = Interest

6. Paper or Plastic = Cash or Credit/Borrowed Money

7. Expert = Idiot

8. Talkshow host = Brain dead moron

9. Emdedded = In bed with

10. Service Economy = Menial/Servitude job economy

11. Power Elite = Filthy rich people hiding behind the scenes who control the

puppet politicians

12. Big Oil - Oil company monopolies

13. Watchdog = An organisation that has no teeeth and can only bark like a dog

14. Invisible hand of the market = The manipulating company executives and

their ilk politicians

15. Free Trade = Trade that is controlled by agreements and restrictions

16. Election = A drame once in 3 or 4 or 5 years in which people get to choose

the lesser of a few fools

17. Gunmen = Men with Guns

18. Al Qeada Watchers = Guys who watch too much star-trek shows

19. Inflation = Stealthy way of screwing the little guy

20. Gunfire = Shooting bullets out of a gun

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Deconstructing the Media - Part I

There are three major "news" agencies in this world.They
are Associated Press (AP), Reuters and AFP. AP is American,
Reuters is British and AFP is French. These three agencies
pretty much control what the world wants to hear/listen
as news.Other news agencies of the world pretty much follow
what the above 3 agencies want them to say. This setup
suits fine for the world's elite as the information is
controlled in an organised way.

The world's elite know that controlling the minds of
the masses is more important than anything else. When you control
the mind of the masses you control what you want to get done.

In this post, let me deconstruct the words emplyed by the clowns
at these aganecies in order to confuse the public.I will use
some of the latest headlines as they publish and provide
an alternative & truthful headline to describe the same story:

1. From : "Sunni Bombs and Guards Greet Iraq Vote"
Must say : "Bombs and Guards Greet Iraq Vote"

Why?Because the clown who wrote the title seems to know that bombs
can be only Sunni (a Muslim sect).How did this clown know?. Did he/she
see it was made by a Sunni Muslim?. We must understand that these
types of headlines are made by editors sitting somewhere in DC or
London or New York or maybe a hotel room in Baghdad smoking weed
and drinking beer. There is now way in hell to distinguish even by
looking at a bomb whether it is Sunni Bomb or Shia Bomb.Does this
mean is there a Catholic bomb or a protestant bomb or a jewish bomb or
a morman bomb?.

2.From AP: "Two Senior Al-Qaeda Members Arrested In Iraq"
Must say : "Bombs and Guards Greet Iraq Vote"

How does AP know that the guys arrested were "Senior" memebers.
Is there any list of Senior and Junior members?. There have been
so many hundreds of "Senior" and "Top" members captured in the
past few years you woudl think that by now only members left would be
orniary foot soldiers. On the contrary not a month passes by
where these clowns post news headlines with titles such as
"Top Leaders" or "No.1" this and "No.2" that. We all know that there
is no way the terrorists have any so called hierachy like the militaty
has. Then who is behind this propagation of non-sense?. Also what
is the difference between a senior and junior member?. Another
funny thing is apprently one of the guy was a "barber".Now that is
a load of BS. How does these guys know that the guy captured was barber?.
Can he not a be driver or teacher or milkman or a carpentar?.Or say
another reporter for some Al-Qaeda News Agency?

3.From AP:"South America Goes Nationalist With Oil, Gas"
Must say : "South America takes control of its own Oil, Gas""

The above article headline shows the typical imperialist way of thinking.
South America does not go nationalist with its own oil or gas.It merely
tries to control its natural resources. This way the countries such
as Bolivia, Ecuador etc. will be able to use the wealth for the
benefit of their citizens.

In this price, the AP business writer, NATALIE OBIKO PEARSON goes on to whine
about how the Imperalist monoploies such as BP and Exxon Mobil are finding
it difficult to deal with these countries. No surprise there as it is
coming from a writer working for AP - which is the main tool of the
world's elite. Once cannot expect this idiot working for AP to say things
like its good that South Americans are finally take care of thier resources.
This Natalie has to please the employer and the elite with such
deliberate headlines and analysis.The world knows that oil monopolies
exploit the poor and plunder their resources and then double their profits
by charging inflated prices to customers worldwide. The recent "spike"
in oil prices during Hurricane Katrina is an example.

More later....

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Media Matters, Economics etc....

1.I have observed that the media and the think-tanks constantly "invent" new words out of thin air and before you know it these words become part of the normal discourse. From layman to Ph.D. professors repeat these words like a talking parrot repeating the master's words.

There are the ones that end with "ist".

Some of them are: Mao-ist,Terror-ist,Lobby-ist,Islam-ist,Saddamist,Baathist, loyal-ist, Motor-ist, Marx-ist, Left-ist.

2.Sometimes the media will use different words to describe the same thing. For example, it commonly uses any of the following words to describe a terrorist.Nobody seems to know who is what. The word terrorist can be sustitited with: rebel, insurgent, guerrila, fighter, militant, armed men, assasin, revolutionary etc. Is there any difference between these words?

3.Other stupid words:

a. Jobless Recovery - How can an economy recover without new jobs being created
b. Hard Landing - To describe a helicopter that just fell out of the sky - BTW never heard the term "soft landing"
c. Market Correction - When the stock market crashes and nobody knows why, pundits will easily call it as a correction
d. PR - "Public Relations" in Western countries and Propaganda in the Communist countries.
e. Price Fixing - To describe Price Manipulation
f. IED - Kinda sounds like some kinda of bulb(LED). But this is Improvised Explosive Device - that is a bomb. Talk about confusing the public.
g. Health-Care Provider - To mean a Doctor.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Why, What and Who - List #1

Here are some questions to think about. You can email
me the answers if you know:

1.Who determines what is news and what is not - on tv and on what basis?

2.Who is responsible for calling advertisements as “messages” on tv and radio?

3.Why do banks charge monthly "maintenance fees" to keep your money?

4.What is “status quo”?

5.Who named gambling in casinos as “gaming”?

6.What are the Ten Commandments?

7.Why is the value of a British Pound higher than a US $?

8.Why do cell phone companies charge both the caller and the receiver
when a call is made?

9.Why does a tiny little country like Israel has more power and influence than
say China or Germany?

10.What is the Bilderberg group?

11.Who determines the price of gas that you pay at the pump everyday?